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Traditional Area Rugs Collection:

While not everyone has a room worthy of the cover of Better Homes, a traditional area rug will get you only that much closer. Traditional area rugs have been used for years to add elegance and color to interior spaces. The colors and designs are both timeless and time-tested, and they never fail to bring style and grace to a sophisticated décors. Having been in the business for a long time, we know that the right traditional rug will bring enduring class to a room, but the selection process isn’t always as graceful as the rugs themselves. However, the professionals at Area Rug Direct know just what to look for in helping you choose the perfect traditional area rug.

The most prominent feature of a traditional area rug on our facebook page is the design and pattern. With many to choose from, we’ll help you decide whether your room is accented best by a simple or complex patterned design. Pattern rich furniture can benefit from a simple traditional rug to lighten the atmosphere. The opposite can add sophistication and class to a living space. We’ll also consider the size and color of your rug. Depending on what colors you choose, you can brighten the feel of a room, or you can give it depth and style.

Our traditional area rugs are handcrafted in India from 100% virgin wool. Our timeless designs offer flexibility and durability for your lifestyle while offering rare beauty and elegance. Our inventory of quality traditional area rugs can visit your home alongside a professional traditional rug expert. We’ll turn your space into a showroom so you can experience the beauty and style of traditional area rugs with your décor.

No more lugging to and from the store and online returns.”

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