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dkp70 Joined 6 years ago August 27, 2007 Very satisfied. I am really impressed with the whole concept of this company. I scheduled an appointment after speaking to Tony, the owner. This man knows how to decorate a home. Not only did he choose the rugs for the rooms but moved my furniture around like I had hired a designer!. After going to the rug store I purchased 3 rugs and had to return them, since none of them suited the decor. What impressed me how fast he was to bring the area rug that matched the decor so well, A true professional with a great deal of experience and passion for what he has accomplished. Since I am a widow I did have reservations, but don’t hesitate to fhave him come to your home.

mfebo123 Joined 6 years ago June 19, 2007 Wonderful concept!. This was an unexpected pleasure. I have been looking for area rugs for my home, all over. I was so fustrated. But what a great concept and who would have thought the rugs would come to my home… so I called and spoke to Tony. He assured me that he would be able to find the rugs i was looking for . So, I scheduled an appointment with him and he came into the house, looked around, and brought a selction of area rugs right into my home. He carried these big rugs but was so on target that it was so easy to choose. And the price was right and the quality of the rugs were better than any i have seen. I would highly reccomend this company!

famann11735 Joined 6 years ago June 18, 2007 Great Idea…Great customer service…a great eye for design too!. We were skeptical to have someone come to our home. But we spoke to the owner Tony, right away when we called and we felt so comfortable that we thought we would have him over. Since there was no charge to come to our home , he promissed he could find the rugs we want. And budget wasn’t a problem. We actually were blown away by him coming into the rooms and finding the right rug for the room. What was so cool is that we could see the actual area rug. I have already referred two other friends to Tony. Thanks again.

Contributor Joined 10 years ago July 26, 2006 Editorial Review by Citysearch Editors. Offers shop-at-home services to customers in the Tampa Bay area. Quality, imported area rugs brought to clients homes for convenient, personalized service.

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