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No more lugging to and from the store and online returns.”

Here is just a sample of the Casual area rug  inventory we carry. There are so many more to choose from!

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Casual area rugs are a great way to add warmth, color, and depth to any space, but choosing the right one can be difficult. You might find the Casual area rug sample on our facebook that matches the colors of your current décor, but since each home has its own personality and color scheme, unless you’re lucky, you’re in for an exhausting search.

Finding the right rug that accents your home perfectly with clean and sharp designs could be your job, or you can call us. Area Rugs Direct brings our inventory of casual area rugs to your home to help you select the right fit.

We’ll help you consider color, material, size, and we’ll even take into account your lifestyle. Our professionals will find the right color and material for your new contemporary area rug to ensure it highlights the interior of your home in just the right ways.

Our inventory is hand crafted in India from the finest 100% virgin wool. We’ll also look at the space and help you choose a size as well. We even have custom sizes available on some collections. Shag area rugs can bring a modern feel to complete your space. Area Rug Direct’s design consultants are standing by to help you select the perfect one.

Take advantage of our years of expertise in modern area rugs. Let us make your home a showroom.

Tony arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule which was good for me.  He came in and assessed the area of where the rug would go and immediately began making suggestions (that I welcomed and encouraged) as to how the layout of the living area should be with the furniture I have.  He opened it up making the whole room look less cluttered.  By seeing my taste in home furnishings he got an idea of what kind of samples to bring in.  The first was a hand woven wool rug made in India.  Then, upon my suggestion, he brought in some rich texture sisal samples.  It turned out it wasn’t the look I was after.  He then brought in some more contemporary abstract pieces which I decided I wanted to shy away from as that has been my M.O. for years and I wanted to have something different.  In the end, I decided the first one he brought in was more elegant yet staying modern.  The colors are taupe and teal blue.  The print changes from one end to the other and depending on the time of day, and the angle at which you look at it, the colors seem to pop differently.  Really!
He not only helped me select, but he completely fitted it in place perfectly and cut a pad (that I had purchased earlier) to size.
Tony also has great design ideas and made some suggestions for bringing the blue color of the rug to pop thru-out the living space.  One was to change out the shades on my pendant lights, which I have done and he was right – makes the room give off a cool aura.
I just moved into my house about 3 months ago, so I still have work to be done.  I plan on calling Tony to come back once I finish my entryway and also for my dining space.

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