Angie’s List -The Big Deal Today!

Angie’s List -The Big Deal Today! 2016-10-15T10:45:25+00:00

Angie's List guarantee, area rugs direct, tampa, floridaAngie’s List guarantees the following Big Deal and Storefront Deals

  • $99.00 for a shag area rug design consultation
  • Valid for up to 1 hour of time
  • If you hire this service provider to create your custom rug, a credit of $150 or up to 10% off will be applied toward your rug

The Real Deal: Area rugs are can be crucial for anyone?s home. It can do two things; it can add beauty to your home or, if not careful with the rug you have chosen, dismantle the essence of beauty.

Area Rugs Direct, Testimonials
Area Rugs Direct, Testimonials